110 S. West St. ~ Perryville, MO
East Perry Chapel


Our Funeral Home is proud to be family owned and operated for 3 generations and 85 years of service and respect to the community with efficient and caring service to all. 

  • We provide a professional and caring service for all faiths.

  • No request is too minor and no detail is overlooked.

  • We notify Social Security for all families.

  • We notify insurance companies and file the necessary paper work, so you don't have to worry about lengthy forms or what to send during this difficult time.

  • We secure the death certificate and get the number of copies you need.

  • We notify and file for VA benefits for all veterans.

  • We will notify banks or insurance companies in order to stop pensions, so you don't have to worry about who to notify.

  • We help with the cash advanced items to save you from having several different bills to have to run around and pay.

  • we deliver funeral notice cards to approximately 240 businesses around town.

  • We mark the grave with a temporary marker for those who do not yet have a stone up. Or we will order the cutting date for those with a stone up.

  • We deliver flowers, register book, cards, folders, etc. to your home after the service.

  • We park cars for you so you do not get separated from your family or lost during the funeral procession.

  • We provide a lounge with coffee, soda and condiments for all families.

  • We provide a laminated memorial card for a keepsake of your loved one.

  • We offer many types of pre-arrangements and will come to your home upon your request to set up any type of pre-arrangement you would prefer.

This is just a few of our services, please contact us for more information.